Pages for iOS

I bought Pages by Apple to turn my iPad into a productive machine. So far, it seems that this app is worth every penny of its cost. The interface is sleek and intuitive, and typing with my Targus Versavu Keyboard Case has been a breeze. One feature that really stands out to me (or is it that I have just been using old software) is that you can save the document as a PDF, Word file, or Pages file. This really helps people like me, who still use the clunky old software that is Microsoft Office. iCloud integration is nice, but I cannot reap the full benefits of this service as I have only one device with iCloud integration built in (iPad 4th Generation). Accessing documents on my PC through the iCloud web app is good enough for my simple needs. I would love to see more cloud storage integration in the near future as this would provide users with more options for their cloud-storage solutions, especially for users already set up (paying for?) in one of the many cloud-storage ecosystems. However, the chance of Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive being one of those solutions is impossible as both Google and Microsoft are two of the largest and most direct competitors Apple faces. Font selection is large enough for my needs as is the shape selection. One advantage Pages holds over its competitors is the ability to insert tables and charts into a document. Other competitors such as QuickOffice HD and Office² HD have not included this in their Microsoft Office replacements. For many, this can be seen as the deal-breaker between buying Pages or QuickOffice HD, Office² HD and the like. However, look for future updates in these apps to include this feature. Competitors such as QuickOffice and Office² include the whole office suite; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for $20 and $8 respectively, while Pages costs $10 and $30 dollars for the whole iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote).
The Leafs Fan’s Rating: 4/5 stars
Intuitive Interface
Seamless iCloud integration
Ability to save as PDF, Microsoft Word file or Pages file
Ability to insert charts or tables into the document
No other cloud-storage integration
More expensive then competitors at $10 for Pages, and $30 for the whole suite


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