Apple buys Startup Algotrim

Apple has bought media and data compression company Algotrim (via Techcrunch). Their compression algorithms have been in use in mobile devices since 2006, with their codecs and designs attempting to use data to it’s fullest extent of performance, while using as little memory as physically possible.

From Tech Crunch:

AlgoTrim deals in all kinds of data compression, and promised to deliver imaging solutions that would deliver “modern computational photography” to mobile devices. Computational photography essentially uses sensors, computing, actuators, intelligent lights and other components to go beyond the current limitations of digital photography, which is based primarily on its analog, film-based precedent. The basic idea is to provide much more accurate images, with sophisticated lighting and vastly improved rendering by straying away from a strictly 2D, pixel-based model of image representation.

Apple has acquired numerous startups over the past year, many dealing with digital mapping, most likely for use in Apple’s much derided Maps application.

Apple has confirmed the acquisition with their usual:

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.


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