More iPhone 5S videos appear on YouTube

Apparently, since Tim Cook promulgated Apple would be doubling down on leaks of new products, leakers have taken it to heart and have been motivated to leak as many parts as possible. Today, two new videos have appeared on YouTube detailing the shells of the oft-rumoured graphite coloured, and champagne coloured iPhone 5S’.

This video is concerning more on the structural differences between the iPhone 5 and champagne 5S, rather than the external design differences detailed by most.

The second video focuses more on the graphite 5S, in comparison to the iPhone 5.

However, 9to5mac points out that many slate that iPhone 5s leaked before the launch in September of last year has the lighter colours that the rumoured graphite 5S is displaying in these leaks.

The iPhone 5S is expected to look very similar to the iPhone 5, with upgrades in the camera, processor, and GPU departments. It is also rumoured to have a fingerprint sensor built-in the home button, as well as the new champagne and graphite colours.


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